Trifecta for Joel

Led By Eric LaCour, Brittany Roberts & Randall Head

Saturday, June 10th at 6pm

Join us to help raise money for Joel as he continues his journey of health and wellness!

Joel is a young boy from the Phillipines who was born with a syndrome that creates excess soft tissue in his upper lip, as well as crooked teeth and a port wine stain birthmark on his face. These conditions have made it difficult for Joel both physically and mentally.

Eric took an interest in and befriended Joel after seeing photography he had posted online. Eric began sending Joel words of encouragement & advice, as well as a computer and camera to keep Joel going! Due to the tough circumstances in Joel’s life, Eric wanted to do more to give Joel the tools and confidence to thrive & continue to grow his talents! 

In 2021 we were able to raise enough money for Joel to get braces and It was a success! Joel now needs adjustments for his braces and then surgery to get the soft tissue removed from his lip. 

  Leela will be hosting a donation based class to raise money for Joel!

We hope you can make it, the details are below:

Learn more about the deeper purpose of yoga from three teachers of Leela Yoga Lifestyle. We will start with a 45min lecture on three main practices encouraged by Master Patanjali. Brittany will speak on asanas. Eric LaCour will speak on pranayama and Randall will speak on meditation. Then, We will have a 1hr practice incorporating our deeper understanding.

Wim Hof says “Feeling is understanding” but understanding can also lead to a deeper feeling. Samadhi, the final step on Patanjali’s 8 fold path, is beyond words and better described as a feeling of being at one with everything. This practice is sure to get you closer to that Samadhi experience, the trick is not to try.

“Do or do not, there is no try.” -yoda

All Donations will go to help Joel. To find out more about Joel’s story Click Here!

*The icebath will be available so come early.

Pride Glow Flow

June 16th at 8pm

Led by Lexi Sevario

Join us for a donation only Pride Glow Flow! Come at 7:30pm and get painted up and ready to flow with Lexi! You can donate via their website or pay during sign up and Leela will donate to glaad.