“My favorite part of growth is how its not linear. Keeps you guessing. Healing is chaos…missteps, backpedaling, cartwheels, front hand springs, drop backs, nose dives and two steps. Don’t give up! You never know what’s next.”


I’m Leslie, a potato loving, kid wrangling, plant based yoga instructor attempting to mindfully make my way through this magical, messy life. I’ve been eating potatoes since the 80s, momming since 2001, vegan since 2010, and started teaching yoga regularly in 2021! I’m here to share a little about my journey and lifestyle with you. It is a journey of missteps and learning opportunities. No one is perfect. We can only aim to reduce harm and to do better when we know better. We all start somewhere and we all stumble. Let’s grow together.
Intention: To live in a place of gratitude and playful joy while practicing ahimsa (non-violence) towards our planet and those that we occupy it with. 

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We’re All Doing the Best We Can

It’s a lifestyle and life can be messy. The more present we are in our lives the more we’re able to make conscious choices thats better for us, our community and the environment.