200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Led by Brittany Roberts

Take Your Yoga Education to the Next Level!

What To Expect

Imagine diving in to broaden your spirituality and become the best version of yourself. Leela Yoga is now offering vinyasa flow 200 hr Yoga Alliance teacher training. Leela is also a Jivamukti Affiliate School; be ready to dive in deep as these are two of the top yoga trainings in world! 

Join Brittany Roberts, the lead yoga teacher, school facilitator and curriculum writer of Leela YTT Program. Joining Brittany are Lexi Sevario, (mentor), David Keil and Natalie Lenard (anatomy), and Allie Zuber (program manager).

Program Curriculum

You will spend over 200hrs studying yoga in a three month span over 8 weekend modules. The program is perfect for aspiring yoga teachers and students who want to expand their yoga knowledge.  We not only meet the requirements of the Yoga Alliance, we go far beyond.

  • 100hrs will be spent studying techniques and practice.  Techniques include asanas (yoga exercise), pranayama (breath work), kriyas (cleansing), mantra and chanting, meditation and mindfulness. Not only will we fine tune these techniques for your own practices, but we will also focus on how to teach the technique.                                                                                                                                                
  • 30hrs of yoga philosophy.  We will study Sanskrit and ancient text, the classical schools of India, as well as how to continue study and build a sadhana practice.  There will be an emphasis on intentional living and yoga lifestyle. The most important part of being a yoga teacher is being a yoga student and living as a yogi.                                                                                                                                                       
  • 25hrs of teaching methodology.  Teaching methodology will include the art of sequencing, the art of assisting, dharma and theming classes, as well as the ethics of teaching.                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • 20hrs will be spent on anatomy, physiology, and energetics.  We will offer both prenatal and restorative modules during the 200 hr curriculum (however, in the near future we will be offering separate trainings of each. In order to teach these classes, you will need to be specifically certified).

The remaining hours will be for practicum and will be in addition to the weekend modules, and practiced at your own convenience.  This will include observations, assisting practice, and practice as the lead teacher.

We will wrap it up with a final examination and a celebration!


Brittany teaches beyond what you would expect from a yoga teacher training. You will absolutely finish training with not only new knowledge on breaking down asanas & translating Sanskrit, but also deep understanding of yourself as a person and a new sense of how we are all connected. Do not pass up this transformative opportunity!


I took a 200-hr YTT with Brittany Roberts in the spring of 2019. She will teach you everything you need to know — technical breakdowns of the poses, the basics of yoga philosophy, how to confidently lead a class and to give adjustments to students. But more than that, Brittany’s teacher training showed me how to turn more deeply inward and guided me, I hope, to inspire that reflection in my own students. Once you have been a student of Brittany’s, not only will you be set on a path of lifelong learning, but you will also gain a mentor and a community that will support you after those 200 hours have ended.


I did YTT 200 with Brittney in 2018 while she was Lead Teacher of Yoga Bliss. It was a great experience for my body and mind. Brittney helped to create an atmosphere that was respectful of different traditions and spiritual beliefs while creating a space where everyone could grow in their yoga journey…in their own way! 

The asana practices, in-depth study of the postures, practice teaching and assisting other YTT classmates, and selection of guest teachers, along with their choice of supporting texts and video learning materials provided a solid, well-rounded foundation for anyone wanting to take their personal practice deeper and/or prepare those wanting to teach yoga. 

Michelle O.

Brittany is simply the best of the best. Her knowledge of yoga and yoga philosophy is unmatched and her love of yoga is evident in everything she does. I could not recommend this teaching training program enough. Whether you’re looking to teach, learn, or just dive deeper you’ve come to the right place.


My YTT experience with Brittany was life changing to say the least. I began YTT with very little knowledge about the history of yoga and ended with a solid asana and meditation practice. Also, an understanding of the yamas and niyamas that would alter my diet and daily habits forever. I have consistently taught yoga for mulitple studios and locations ever since.


Schedule and Dates

Training Schedule

Friday 5:30pm – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 8am – 6pm

Dates Of YTT 2023









Yoga finals: TBD

8 Weekends Total

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