Aerial Fabric Fundamentals

Every Wednesday at 9am

Led by Jamie Ray

Join Jamie Ray every Wednesday at 9-10am. Created for beginners, but great for all levels, this class explores the building blocks of aerial movement in a safe and creative environment. This is a great class to increase your movement range, and get strong all over!

Note: Each student will have their own silk per class (space is limited).

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Lost in Translation: An All Levels Lyra to Sling Workshop

Led by Jamie Ray

6.10.22 Friday at 7pm

In this all levels workshop led by Meaghan Keel and Jamie Ray, students will learn skills that can be executed on two different apparatuses—lyra and sling. Explore the world of aerial translation with us, and get a little bit lost in your own interpretation and creativity!

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Elevating Intuition/Rebirthing

A Breath Workshop Led by Eric LaCour
June 18th Saturday 5:30pm

(In-Studio or Virtual)

Most of us have lost touch with our true nature. Deeper levels of imagination, intuition, wider perspectives, and more clarity of thought is possible, in fact, it is our natural way of being. In this workshop we will go over practices that can help you develop a deeper levels of intuition. You will learn breathing practices that will help you achieve more vivid and lucid dreams and help you learn to let go of the past. Old patterns and past experiences are keeping us from our true selves, and deeper levels of perception.

After this class you will have the practices for developing a wider perspective of your day to day life. You will learn how to let go and actually relax. These tools will allow you to notice the signs you may have been missing through the events in your life, helping you make better decisions from your new clarity of mind. 
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Intuitive Eating

June 25th

Saturday 1-3pm

Led by Kristen Guarisco



A Breath Workshop Led by Eric LaCour
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(In-Studio or Virtual)

Statistics are showing we are living in higher levels of stress every day. To deal with the stresses of the world we want to learn how to self regulate our biology and change our response to the world and events we are experiencing. The heart is our wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, balance, calmness and joy.In this workshop we will focus on the Heart gaining more resilience and working towards access to super memory, super cognition, super recall and deep states of intuition on demand.
We will also learn that the Heart along with the body stores memories of our past experiences, traumas, anxieties, and repetitive negative patterns. We will learn how to release these patterns, in a language the heart understands, leaving space to develop new more positive habits.

“The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.” – Blaise Pascal

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